Friday, January 12, 2018

Catch Your Sneak Peek at Caden today!

It's release week for Kalkin and I KNOW everyone is so curious what's going to happen between Danielle and Caden? Will the get together? Will they never mate or fix this broken relationship? What about BABIES??? Well, here is a sneak peek of Chapter 1.

I have been holding this back since September. As soon as we finished Kalkin, I vividly saw this scene between Kal and Caden. I knew in order to start moving in the right direction Caden needed a come to Jesus meeting. This scene is it.

I hope you enjoy it!

Caden picked up his phone to call out of work again, like he’d done several times over the last few months, when a knock came at the door. He hadn’t been expecting anyone. No one came to see him anyway. Kalkin warned them all away from him. “Go away!”
The knock turned to pounding. “Open the fuck up!”
Kalkin. Caden stumbled from bed, and went to the door. He opened it a crack, and saw his pissed off brother’s face. He’d been alone, which surprised him. Wherever Kal went, Keeley wasn’t far behind him.
His brother shoved into the room. Rage rolled off of him in suffocating waves. He held his phone in his hand as he shoved Caden into the chair near the small table in the corner of the room. “I have tried to wait you out. I have tried to tell myself you’ll wake the fuck up and see the truth, but that’s not fucking happening. I knew we were fucking stubborn, but not this damn thickheaded.”
What the hell was his brother going on about? It didn’t make any sense at all. “What are you talking about?”
Kalkin shoved the phone in his face. “Say hello to your premature son, Nicolas!”
He stared at the screen. The boy had been hooked up to all kinds of machines. His face was all squished and his body was a little on the small side, yet he looked almost normal too. “He’s not mine.”
“He’s got the Raferty stubborn chin and blond fucking hair. He screams like a banshee when he can and he sure as fuck is yours.” Kalkin sat across from him. “Did you enjoy your night of fun with Danielle? Or did you forget you jerked off in her pussy?”
He blinked at his brother.
“She told us everything, you fucking idiot. She told you she wasn’t sure. You saw all the fucking scars. You guys messed around and at the big moment, you stuck just the tip in and now, here we are thirty-five weeks and five days later, Nic is born.”
Caden slid the phone back to Kalkin. “He’s not mine. She was already pregnant when we messed around.”
“Lie to yourself, asshole.”
Caden growled and lunged at his brother grabbing him by the shirt. “The kid isn’t mine.”
Kalkin cold cocked him. His world spun momentarily before righting itself as he rubbed his jaw. His brother had a mean right hook and Caden hadn’t even seen it coming. The boy couldn’t be his. He smelled her pregnancy almost immediately after they messed around that night. It wasn’t much past then Simon announced she was pregnant with his kid. Caden could put two and two together.
“She almost died giving your son life,” Kalkin roared. “She was so focused on saving Nicolas’s life. The bullet did more damage to her than any of us knew. She kept that shit a secret and when she went into labor, she didn’t have any strength! She flatlined! Now, my mate, who’s about to drop my pups any day, is scared to fucking death and won’t leave her sister’s bedside.”

Caden absorbed each stinging blow of Kalkin’s words. Danielle almost died. Danielle not only saved Kalkin’s life, but the baby’s in sacrifice of her own. Why the fuck would she do that? Why would she put herself into a no-win situation? He sat back in his chair, the fight draining from him.
Kalkin gave a humorless chuckle. “Why? He asks why? She’s your mate, idiot. Here, let me impart some words of wisdom on you. The boy hooked up to all those machines, smells like Raferty too. I should know. I was the first one to hold him and welcome him into the pack. She is your mate. She never belonged to Simon. Danielle lived in fear because of that piece of shit. Of what he’d do to her if he ever took her back to that place where he and Hazel kept Jace. She worried after Hazel and Simon died, the man would return because, ‘Simon is never really gone.’ She and Keeley have gone through a shit ton of stuff. She needed you and you turned your back on her. Now, they both need you. Get your head out of your ass and go the fuck home.”
Kalkin stood and removed a polaroid photo of Nicolas from his shirt pocket. He then threw it on the table before leaving. “I expect to see you at work tomorrow, or else.” He slammed the door behind him as he left, drowning the room in silence once more.
The quiet almost deafening now, when used to hold so much solace for him. Caden picked up the picture and stared at it. He could admit the boy did look like a Raferty, but it could also be because his brother planted the thought in his head. However, the more he studied the photograph, he wondered what if. Then he counted backwards, if Danielle had carried the boy to term, the dates would match up.
And, though he might have blond hair, he did have a stubborn chin. He ran his thumb over the photo as he stared at the baby’s prone body. Breathing tubes, IV lines and a heart monitor lines covered his body. He sported a small white and yellow diaper, but was naked from the waist up. Nicolas’ cries were frozen in time and forever etched into Caden’s mind.

His stomach dropped.

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