Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Caden is here! Release day info and Giveaway

It's release day!! We are so excited for Caden's debut. If you've read Midnight, then you know Kalkin and Caden along with Keeley and Danielle, are a major reason PRA is relevant and working to save lives. Now, you can see where it all started. Also, we have a giveaway running right now, check out the giveaway tab @
Caden Raferty messed up—big time. He's turned his back on his family and friends, but most of all his mate, Danielle Blueriver.
Danielle is done with love and done with Caden. After two near death experiences, she's regressed into herself, not wanting to be seen or heard. Her life is crumbling down around her and the only thing giving her the will to live are her boys, Aiden and Nicolas.
But, an old foe isn't done with either of them and once again, they are thrust together in a situation neither can get out of.
Can Danielle and Caden find their path to happiness this time, or will the sins of their past destroy their future?

“Mama?” Aiden blinked at her as she lifted him into his car seat. “Ou ‘kay?”
She swallowed hard and took a second, afraid he’d hear grief in her voice. “I’m fine, big boy. How about a cookie and some milk when we get home?”
He nodded emphatically. “Yes, Mama. Nic too. Hungee.”
“Yes, he is. Silly Mama. Forgot his bottle.” She made a show of frowning at him then rolling her eyes. Each practiced movement meant to keep Aiden from seeing the frayed ends of her emotional state.
“Looks like you could use a hand.”
Icy fingers of dread slid down her spine. At one time, the sound of his voice brought her so much pleasure. Just a whisper of it filled her with anticipation. Those nights she spent curled in his embrace talking about their future and the idea of falling in love with him had been so effortless. She’d instantly felt the connection to him the day they arrived in Window Rock. The cocky smirk on his face. The way his blue eyes twinkled with a hint of sensual heat and the feel of his hand curling around hers when he said, “Pleasure...” “Pleasure...” It was like he said, “I’ve spent my whole life waiting for this moment. Welcome home.”
“No, I’ve got it.” Danielle took the opportunity to push a strand of her hair behind her ear to cover the track of tears sliding down her left cheek. “No need to interrupt your day to help me.”
She shuddered at the thought of being close to him. He broke her. She understood the words her sister said to her so many times. That she needed to take the time to heal her soul, but when? She had to protect Nicolas and Aiden. Yes, Psychic Bounty Hunters may never come back to find them, and Simon and Hazel were dead, however what about the next threat? “She had to protect Nicolas and Aiden. Yes, Psychic Bounty Hunters may never come back to find them, and Simon and Hazel were dead, however what about the next threat? She’d spent a great portion of her life running with Keeley. Settling down didn’t feel natural. Add in the fact Caden rejected her...well, the shitty construct wall she built would have to do.
“Danielle, I—”
She flinched. “It’s okay. We shouldn’t have to hash this out again. I should, though, apologize for threatening to kill you. I’m blaming being half crazed with worry.”
“You don’t have to...” he let out a rough breath. “I deserved it.”
Danielle hurried around the vehicle to get Nicolas into his seat. She needed to put some space between them. Allow her son a moment to breathe without her emotional tsunami sucking him under with her. “It’s okay, sweet boy. Mommy’s got you.” She nuzzled his head before placing him in his seat. She grabbed one of his pacifiers. “We’ll “get you settled in no time.” She rubbed the soft nipple across his lips. Within seconds he latched on, calming himself.
“Look, I thought we know, talk.”
She glanced over her shoulder at Caden. His features were strained while he rubbed a hand across the back of his neck. “I believe we’ve said enough, don’t you?” She let him off the hook. Gave him a reason to return to his hotel room and swim in his alcohol-induced miasma. Yet, when she looked at his eyes, they were clear. The cobalt blueness sparkled with life. They weren’t even bloodshot. He also wore one of his uniforms. Had he gone back to work? Does it matter? To her? No.
“I just... What I want to say is...”


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