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Happy Birthday Kalkin ~ An Apache County Short

Keeley slipped out of bed then turned to make sure Kalkin still slept. Usually, he woke with her, but after everything with the trial and the start of the new build for the Sheriff's Department, her mate was beat. She'd have to thank Danielle for the idea of getting out of town.
Since it'd been years since anyone celebrated their birthday—properly in the Raferty family, Keeley and Danielle made it their mission to find a quiet hotel away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Sure, they brought their babies with them, neither one could leave them behind. Yet, it still felt relaxing. Rejuvenating.
Keeley threw on her nightgown and grabbed the key card off the dresser. Each room had a private hot tub. The keycard allowed them access to the area, just behind their rooms. She inched the sliding glass door open and stepped outside into the tepid early morning air. Today was going to be another scorcher, with storms in the afternoon—a typical monsoon pattern for Arizona summers. Since they would be going home in the morning, she wanted to spend her day poolside with Kalkin, her sister, Caden, and their children. But, for now, she wanted to be alone. Lord only knows how loud they could all get and Keeley taking five minutes for herself didn't happen on the regular.
So, she had to seize the time herself.
She still had an hour or two before Ella and Colin would wake and if it meant going out now, with the sky still a dark blue with splashes of pink and orange of the coming day, so be it. Keeley placed the key into the strip reader and waited for the light to turn green. When it did, she stepped into the small space and sighed. The cool air of the central unit chilled her clammy flesh.
Keeley shivered.
Staring down into the clear water of the hot tub, she had second thoughts about getting in naked. So many germs were always lurking. Not to mention she was still a bit self-conscious about her weight since having the twins. Maybe it's not so much the germs, it's the fact I'm still fat. She frowned. Kalkin never complained. He loved her body and she should too, but when she looked at Danielle or even Jasmine, she couldn't help but compare herself to them.
"What the fuck is my problem?" She frowned and pushed her sleep tousled hair out of her face. "Who cares who sees me. Not like anyone is coming in here."
Keeley stripped off her nightgown and lowered herself into the water. A startled yip, at the cool temperature, had her cheeks flaming with heat. She'd just assumed it would be warm or at least warm enough until she got the jets going. Yet, sitting in the cool water also relaxed her. It took the humidity from her skin and the perspiration from the nape of her neck. She sighed, leaning back in the water and closed her eyes. Just for a little while, I'll relax.
The lock disengaged and Keeley's eye flashed open. There, in the doorway was her mate. His hands were braced on his hips, the shorts he wore were tented at the front and a single wet dot marred the front of them. Kalkin was glorious. He was an Alpha in his prime. His broad chest had been covered in tribal tattoos along with a giant wolf on his back. She wanted to lick every inch of him the longer he stood there. He'd let her too. Her gaze lowered back to his groin and he adjusted himself, taking a moment to fondle his dick and balls.
Kalkin groaned. His gaze became heavy-lidded with desire. "Look at you all laid out like a banquet for me. You're just begging to be fucked, aren't you sweet cheeks?"
She gasped. Heat scalded her flesh. "Kalkin I—"
"You know I'm always ready for you. Close your mouth or else I'll feed you my dick. She shut her mouth and he laughed. He closed the distance between them then sat down beside her before pressing a kiss to her lips. "Good morning. You okay?"
"Yup" She squeezed the cold water from the end of hair before she flipped it over her shoulder and shivered as the cold water chased the heat away. "I love our extended family, but sometimes... Sometimes I just need some peace and quiet." She closed her eyes and sighed as she got comfortable once again.
She heard rather than saw him remove his shorts, then his large, lumbering body climbed into the water behind her. The hard planes of his body were pressed to her fluffy, curvy ones. The length of his cock pressed to her lower back and she bit her lip to keep from begging him to fuck her. "I can feel that you know."
"Not my fault you got out of bed without me. We could be dealing with this right now," he grumbled.
Keeley laughed and shook her head at him. Almost three years into their relationship and she loved the fact they were not only compatible but also comfortable with each other.
Kalkin leaned forward and nipped at her ear lope. "What have you been thinking about?"
"Life, changes and babies." She smirked when she felt his dick kick against her back. Keeley glanced over her shoulder at him. "I'm guessing pretty soon, you'll want to have another child." She wasn't put off about the idea. On the contrary, she wanted more with Kalkin. At least two more. Maybe three. As it stood, the twins were coming up on their second birthday. It would be unfair to them if she waited years between children. Having them close together would give them a stronger bond as siblings.
Kalkin chuckled. "I thought about it. I love our children. More than life. I love you more than anything." He kissed the side of her neck and growled. "Strange huh? Three years ago we danced around each other. Fought. Fucked. Fucked some more and look at us. Look at all of us, sweet cheeks."
She sighed with a grin. "I know."
"We're mated. We have kids. This was our destiny. I was meant to meet you. I was meant to mate you. God...I can't even tell you the pride I feel in our family. In all of us. In you. You are not the woman I met. You've grown into the woman you are today and fuck, sweet cheeks. I love you so goddamn much. You've given me everything." She sniffled and turned to him. He lifted her chin and smiled down at her. With a gentle caress, he wiped her tears away and kissed her. "You are my life. The air I breathe. Without you, I'm nothing."
She stared at him for a while, completely speechless. "Kalkin, I—"
"Everything is supposed to change, sweet cheeks. If it stayed the same, our lives would be stagnant." He kissed her again, this time with a hunger she'd been trying to push down since waking. "What got you thinking about everything? Just us being cooped up together."
Who would have thought, Kalkin Raferty a family man? She smiled up at him as she turned and pushed him back some. He scooted to the side and watched her with those ice-blue eyes of his she adored. Without an ounce of hesitation, Keeley straddled his lap, and Kalkin palmed her ass. "I love you so much. You and our babies and I'm so glad that you fought for me, for us. You helped me grown and change. You know that right?" She cupped his face. "You always made me want to be a better person, a mate for you. I know I wasn't exactly the easiest to get along in the beginning. I'm amazed you didn't kick me to the curb at some point." He growled her name and she rolled her eyes. "Honestly, Kalkin, looking back I often wondered how you could even love me, let alone stand me. I'm grateful for the mating because we couldn't turn our backs on each other, and you forced me to grow up. Something I needed to do. I'm glad we fought for what we have now. I can't even—" a lump formed in her throat— "Not having you or my babies...I'd never survive."
He kissed her again, his big hands rocking her over him, teasing her. "I love you, Keeley. You're mine and I'm yours. You were always worthy. You had to see it yourself to believe it." Kalkin bent his head and placed a kiss to her mark. "I'm glad I get to be the man who guides you back to that path when you get lost in that pretty head of yours." He nibbled on the flesh, causing Keeley to suck in a breath and let out a soft moan. "You want it? Wanna ride my dick as the sun comes up?
She whimpered and bit her bottom lip.
"That's not an answer, sweet cheeks. You know I need to hear it or else you know what happens."
The rules never changed between them. She knew it. If she didn't answer, he'd stroked off in front of her and he'd make a production out of it. She'd watch as he'd paint her pussy with his cum then, she'd have to walk around covered in his scent—achy and needy—until she told him what she wanted. His hand lowered to his hard dick and began to pump the flesh between his legs.
"Come on, babe. Tell me. My balls are full. My dick is so fucking hard it hurts. We both need to fuck. I need to fill you up. Say the word and I'll get inside you and make you feel good." He leaned forward. "I'll knot that pussy so tight, you'll feel me for the rest of the day."
She blinked and licked her lips. She craved his dominance. Sometimes she swore it was like a drug. The more he doled out, the more she wanted it and needed it. She knew what would happen if she didn't answer him, and yet watching him masturbate was also exciting. She'd been tempted to stay quiet. She understood what would happen and how long they'd be locked together that night, but she also had her needs. Right now, she needed his cock inside her, fucking her. "Yes. Fuck, yes, Kalkin. I want to ride you while the sun comes up."
She leaned in to kiss him, but he was quicker. Kalkin jerked her out of the water and had her on the bench beside the hot tub in an instant. He wrapped her long hair around his hand and pulled her head back. The cruel edge to his gaze mixed with the lust and love she saw there. She arched to him, giving him full access to her body. Pleasure rushed down her spine from the pin-pricks of pain as he tugged on her hair.
"Take me, she whispered. "I need..." She was aware she walked a fine line when she told him what she craved. "I need it, Kalkin. I need you, so very much."
He jerked her head back further and laved at the mating mark he had left years ago. "Beg me."
"Please!" she begged, writhing below him. "Fuck me, Kalkin. Now. Please."
"I fucking love it when you beg." He licked the column of her neck then positioned her on his lap, his cock poised at her pussy. "Get me inside you."
She rolled her hips, whimpering and moaning as he slid deep inside her. "Kalkin..."
"That's my girl. Take it all now, don't stop." When she sat flush to him, he grinned. "Feels like coming home." He guided her over him, keeping their pace nice and slow. "That's it. Get me all wet, make me slick." Kalkin's lips brushed across her ear. "I love it when you fist my cock. The way you squeeze me, demanding my cum. The way you flutter around my tip, teasing me. You make me so fucking hard." His grip tightened and a howl fell from his lips. "Next full moon, I'm knocking you up. I'm going to fuck you hard, every hour on the hour. I don't give a shit what anyone else says. I love knowing my pup grows in you. I love seeing you pregnant. I love the fact you take so easily." He groaned when her pussy rippled. "You're getting off on it, aren't you? Knowing how you affect me? Knowing I can't keep my dick out of you." Keeley cried out and bounced on his cock. He flicked her clit with his middle finger then rubbed the hard nub. "Come, sweet cheeks. Give me all of your sweet cream. Then, I'm going to fuck you like an animal. Like the wolf I am.
She cried out as her release coated him and her sex convulsed around him. She was milking his cock for everything she was worth, and she loved it. "Yes...yes, please..."
"Fuck yes mate. Fuck, your pussy feels so good. So damn hot and sweet. I love that you're trying to get me to knot you. But, I'm not ready to give you my cum. You're going to beg for it while I'm fucking you hard and nasty." Kalkin pulled her off of him. "We're fucking like wolves." He got her up on her hands and knees then smacked her ass. "Look at your pretty ass. He smacked her ass hard and she gasped. "God, what a sight." She wiggled her ass for him, silently pleading for him to keep going and not stop. "You want this?" He slammed into her then pulled out and started jerking off on her ass. The wet trail of his precum turned her on. "Tell me." He slammed into her again and pulled out, then smacked her ass. "Fuck this feels so fucking good. Doesn't it, mate? The thought someone could hear us or see us..."
She clamped down hard on him when he filled her again. "Yes."
"Oh, so you do like being watched." He groaned, giving her a few lazy thrusts. "Your pussy went molten around me and slick. Dammit, mate. The idea of getting caught while my knot is throbbing..." He growled. "I love your kinks mate. It turns me on."
She arched to him, crying out as pleasure raced down her spine, pooling low in her belly as he powered in and out of her. His mouth, oh God, his mouth was so damn filthy. But at the same time, those lewd words of his turned her on. He knew exactly what buttons to push, and how far to push. She went down on her elbows with every hard thrust and countered with her own. Her fingers dug into the wood, leaving groves as one of his hands held her hip and another wound her hair up around his hand, tugging her to him. She trusted him explicitly. "There...oh God...right fucking there, Kalkin" She panted as the tip of his dick rubbed the sweet spot deep inside of her body. Her hand smacked down on the wood as he increased thrusts. Sounds of his hips smacking her ass and the slurping sound of her pussy as he fucked her mixed, arousing her to the point of pain.
"Going to cum..." she cried.
Kalkin lifted her so her back was to his chest. Her thighs were spread wide allowing the cool air of the room to brush over her sensitized clit. It throbbed with her impending release. He lowered his hand and began fingering her clit while he continued to whisper all the debauched things he'd do to her later. On every third stroke, he added his two fingers to her pussy, pushing them as deep as they could go. Her eyes went wide. Her back tensed. She'd never felt anything as exquisite or lewd before. The way Kalkin rubbed her walls then stroked himself, had her breath leaving her on a rush. "Please, Kalkin. Let me come." She cried as he pulled his fingers out of her and went back to stroking her clit. "No fair. You pulled out just when it was getting good."
Kalkin chuckled. "Not what?"
She whimpered. "Please."
"You want to come? On my dick? He grunted feeling the first flutters of her release washed over her. "You mean you don't like me teasing you? He stopped thrusting and touching her. "This better? Were you getting too worked up?"
She shook her head. "Don't stop."
"So, what do you want me to do... This?" He circled her clit twice before entering her again and rubbing the walls of her pussy with his fingers.
Keeley cried out. "Yes! Don't stop. Please!"
"But, I thought you said no fair?" He halted his movements. "So, what do you want? Fair or to be so thoroughly fucked I have to carry you inside?"
"You know what I want." She rolled her hips, in an attempt to get what she wanted.
He growled and smacked her pussy. "Answer my question, pet."
She bit her lip and moaned. Kalkin! She shrieked when he did again—harder. She saw stars. Her head felt so heavy. Her body was so light like she drifted. "I want what you want, Master." Her words were slightly slurred, and she smacked her lips, convinced her whole mouth was numb.
"I love it when you call me, Master." He started moving once more, shortening his strokes. "What I'd like is to fuck my pussy. I want it nice and creamy. I'll tell you when you can come and you'll thank me for letting you get off on my cock because you know how much I love feeling you go molten on me." He palmed her breast and squeezed. "Take what I give you and enjoy it. There's no hurry out here, sweet cheeks. We're having fun, right.
She nodded and said, "Yes."
"Later, when we get home, I'll tie you up and use your favorite toy on your ass. Then I'll fuck you hard until my knot is firmly inside you, so none of my cum leaks out." She contracted and released around his cock and he chuckled. "Uh oh, someone came hard on their Master's dick."
Keeley tensed. "Sorry." But she wasn't though. She continued to pulse and ripple around him as the sweetest pain and pleasure swirled through her body.
He chuckled. "No, you're not. I made you come. I knew it would happen. Feels good doesn't it."
She nodded. "Yes."
"Felt good for me too. Now, we're going to fuck hard. Remember your safe word and if you need it, use it." He pitched her forward slightly and began to fuck her hard. "That's it, sweet cheeks go with it. Give over to me..."
He fucked her so hard it hurt, but it was the type of hurt she liked. Pinpricks of pleasure raced through her. She opened herself completely to him, allowing him to experience her pleasure along with his. It would drive him wild, she knew it, it was why she did. His loud curse and the stutter of his hips let her know, it was working.
She astral projected herself, giving her a chance to watch him fuck her. His eyes were red, feral almost as he pounded his dick in and out of her pussy. The skin of his cheeks was flushed and the muscle above his right temple ticked. She smiled, he was fighting back his orgasm, making it last for them both. He loved when she connected them, it was something he strived for often. She felt her body begin to quiver, shudder and her womb clenched around him, squeezing him and hold him as she exploded on him. A wash of cream coated his dick as he growled behind her to ease up on him as her orgasm washed over her. "Kalkin..." she croaked, "I need it."
She needed his cum, his knot and then she needed him to paint her body with their combined release, marking her with his cum. He rolled her clit and altered between teasing her slick walls and stroking himself. He was close. So fucking close she could feel him grow within her.
"Just a little more, sweet cheeks. I know you can go with me. close." His voice was strained, tense from holding back. "I can feel the knot twitching like a mother fucker. I'm going to come so hard. Even my ass was clenching. Son of a bitch." He buried his face in her neck. "So fucking good. So fucking hot. I need to nut so fucking bad. You ready?"
She nodded frantically.
"One more time, pet. One more time." He fucked her hard and she could feel knot started to fill. "Gonna come." He shortened his strokes and she screamed as he slammed into her one last time. The howl he let loose with as he locked inside her sent her over the edge again. Then he wrapped his mouth around her mark and bit down. She went nova on him and seared his cock as she came. She shuddered and jerked in his arms, riding out her release. "Fuck yes, sweet cheeks. That's it, ride it out, I got you. I fucking love you." He jerked on the knot and felt her cum again as he spewed more of his release inside her.
She fell forward onto the bench, and Kalkin came down with her, tugging on the knot to extend their pleasure. She could feel him pulsing inside of her, filling her with his cum. Her release mixed with his and ran down her legs, leaving a sloppy, sticky mess on the wood. Kalkin tugged hard on the knot and her vision narrowed. His voice sounded like he was far away and in a tunnel. She was going to pass out. Bliss. She could feel the darkness surrounding her, pulling her under. The last thing she remembered was going limp under his weight.
When she came back around, Kalkin's arm rested under her head and they were laying on their side. If anyone looked, it would simply appear as if they were cuddling as the sun began to clear away the dark from the sky. She could still feel him, his dick was buried deep inside her pussy and the knot was still engaged. Every so often he'd twitch and pulse. Her pussy, her thighs, and legs were soaked with their releases and she wondered for a minute if she had missed it as he had rubbed it into her skin.
Keeley glanced over her shoulder. His eyes were closed and her heart jumped in her chest. She loved to look at his face after they fucked. He became content, relaxed and unguarded. She loved that she got to see this side of him. "Did you..." She started to ask but stopped when he opened his eyes and the same look she saw on his face was now reflected in those ice-blue eyes of his. He smiled at her, and she smiled back. "You didn't..." She gasped when she the knot ebbed and he pulled from her. As always, he could fuck her again. Her mate, the Alpha was in his prime and his stamina was higher than most.
"Did I do this?" He began rubbing their releases into her skin. "No, not yet. I was so relaxed and felt so good, I was enjoying the moment." He continued to rub their releases into her flesh. "No shower this morning. Before we go to bed tonight, I want you to bathe in the lavender bath salts you love so much. Then I want you to only wear your silk robe and present yourself to me on the bed, with your favorite toy. You know the one."
She nodded.
"Good. Now, would you like to go in and change? I am sure my brother and your sister would love some breakfast, hell so would our kids." He kissed her neck. "I love you sweet cheeks. I know to the deepest part of my soul none of this would be possible without you. This life. Our love. Our family. It's all because of you and your sister. The four of us started this." He kissed her, then nuzzled her neck. "You're the best thing to ever to ever happen to me."
She turned over and faced him. Tears blurred her vision. "No, Kalkin, you're the best thing to happen to us. I love you so much. Happy birthday, my heart." She kissed him then, allowing him to feel the depths of her love.
"Fuck, we're never getting out of here. I need you again," he teased.
Keeley giggled.
Once they were dressed, they headed back to their room. Thankfully, the hotel gave them a room with two bedrooms so the twins had a space of their own. Kalkin poked his head into their bedroom to check on their still sleeping forms. "Look. We did this. We made them. Without you. I wouldn't have them." He closed the door and walked down the hall a bit and opened the door then turned to her. "Without you. Without your words. Without your encouragement and love your sister and my brother wouldn't have their family either. Do you finally see how important you've always been to this family? Do you finally see what you were meant to become? You are the glue. You are the beacon in this family. You're our light. Without you, we're nothing. God, I fucking love you so much. You never have to do anything fancy like this—" He motioned to the room— "because every day with you is gift enough."
Tears blurred her vision as he spoke and she made no attempt to wipe them away. "If I'm the beacon, then you're the foundation. This family is built on you. You realize that right? We wouldn't be here without your strength, courage, and determination. It's what has always pushed this family forward." He wrapped his arm around her and guided her to their room so they could dress. "I love the fact you show me parts of yourself no one else gets to see or even imagine would come from you. You come off like a hard ass—" she snorted— "Ok, so you are a hard ass, but you have a softer side. A side your children always get to see and I get to see. No one else. It's special and I cherish it."
She slipped her shirt on. "You were right there with me every step of the way. Pissing me off, fighting with me and pushing me to become what you knew I was destined to be. I couldn't have done any of what you said without your love and support. I love my sister. Hell, I even love your brothers, even when they are driving me batty. My children are my heart and I love and adore them but you." She poked at his chest. "You own my soul." She stepped into his open arms. "All of this started with a simple kiss. One single kiss that changed me...changed us for the better." Keeley went to her tip-toes as he leaned down and their lips met. She rested her hand on his wide shoulder, while she buried the other in his curly black hair. "Love you, lover boy. Happy birthday." A wicked grin tugged at her lips. "Also, I'm already pregnant."
Kalkin pulled back. "I knew." He tapped the side of his nose. "I was waiting for you to confirm it."
She looked up at him through her lashes. "I planned on giving you the test and first ultrasound at dinner tonight, but I... Well, we both got a little carried away."
Kalkin chuckled. "So we did mate. So we did." He went to his knee before her and placed his palm to her lower belly. "Welcome to the family little pup. Your mommy and I can't wait to meet you. For now, grow big and strong for mommy and me."
Keeley wiped away her tears. "No, we can't."

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