Thursday, December 8, 2022

Osirus is Live!

It's been a while since we've come together on a release day, hasn't it? Michele and I have been so busy working on all of our books, that we just haven't taken the time to keep you all updated. Sorry about that. But, today we can celebrate! Osirus is here! We are so excited to share him with you. To date, Osirus is the biggest ACS book we have written. He comes in at a whopping 463 pages and 128k words. He's chonky. (Honestly, Michele and I worried he wouldn't be as big as the rest, ha, he blew that out of the waters.) 

Also, real quick, before we give you the deets, we'd like to give a special thank you to our photographer, Golden, our cover model, Michael Abatantonio, and Covers by K for making our cover art amazing as always!

Now for the good part! Enjoy!

TL and Michele


Osirus Blake wasn't looking for the perfect mate when he met Jenna Panthera all those years ago. He wasn't even looking for a mate, period. However, once her scent wrapped around him, he never wanted to let her go. Unfortunately, Raymond Quincy had other plans for the Dryer Crew, separating Osirus and Jenna for over ten years.

Jenna Panthera didn't want a mate. Even when she met Osirus and learned the truth, she wanted to run and hide. If he ever learned all the things she had to do to protect her siblings and herself, Osirus would never love her.

One night changed everything for them and new life was created.

Now, thrust into a situation neither of them wanted, Osirus and Jenna must work together to protect Osirus' son, Utah, from his vindictive mother--returned from the grave. Can Jenna learn to trust Osirus? Will he still accept her when he discovers her secrets?

Risking everything will uncover all of Jenna's scars, leaving her bare to the man who promised to love her unconditionally. All she has to do is take that final step.


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Please note the following Trigger Warnings

Stockholm Syndrome
Child Abduction
Child Abuse
Drug Use
Sexual Trauma
Sexual Abuse
Parental Alienation