Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Something New coming to Apache County - Apache County Mates/Becoming Alpha

 Good morning everyone!

It's been a minute. 

Today is the release of Salvation, the first full length novel of the Becoming Alpha series within our Apache County Shifters series. Henry's story should have been easy. When he met Shelly, everything pointed to him having a happy life with her. 

Until it wasn't.

Michele and I weren't sure how to approach this book. See, Henry's story was a knock down drag out fight. You think Caden was rough - Nah, Henry takes the cake here. But, his mate the one who can help him heal (She will never fix him, that's for Henry to do and Henry alone), is just as broke as Henry is. Just as stand-offish and just as scared.

But, once heat and the full moon hit - both of them can't keep running nor can they keep snipping at each other.

Michele and I hope you enjoy Henry's story. Please check out the content warnings and trigger warnings before you read further.

Content/Trigger Warnings:

Attempted suicide, suicidal ideation, mental manipulation, anxiety attacks(disorder), rape(off page), torture, PTSD, Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, and assault.


Five years ago, Henry Dreyer learned the agony of being a rejected mate. Every day since then, he’s been reminded of what he’d lost because she was still his best friend. Over the years, he’d put aside his feelings to help Shelly survive the dreaded curse carved into her skin by the one named Ronan. Now, free from all of his obligations, broken and battered, Henry is ready to start his life over, and his aunt Keeley has just the assignment for him.

Help with the Strawberry Festival.

Sarina Jacobs doesn’t ask for help often. She’s understood from a young age not to trust anyone. However, after moving to Window Rock, she’s ready to start over and meet new people. Which included a six-foot-two yummy-looking wolf who gives off golden retriever/cinnamon roll vibes—if she can get past his seriously high emotional walls.

In a twist of fate, Henry and Sarina are thrust together after Keeley’s water breaks and she is forced to handover her most coveted position—distributing the fertility pastries. Will a week spent together during the full moon cause Henry’s walls to crumble and allow him to claim what truly belongs to him? Or will his fears of being rejected twice finally kill what’s left of him?

With Sarina by his side, maybe this time, he’ll finally find his salvation.


Amazon CA: amzn.to/3AlwAnB
Amazon UK: amzn.to/3N7Bhci
Amazon AU: amzn.to/3LoCw5q

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