Sunday, November 12, 2017

#SixSentenceSunday with Kalkin

It's time again to share six sentences from one of our books. Today, I'm sharing six sentences from Kalkin, the first book in our newest Apache County Shifters series through After Glows Publishing.

TL and I have been working on this book for years. No lie. We'd start it, get distracted and go off and do something else, but we always came back to it. Part of the problem was we just couldn't find the right setting or situation to place our characters in. When it finally came to us, it just took off and has become our biggest book to date. It's over 100K words and we're proud of every single one of them!

Added bonus, we now have a cover for Kalkin. If you haven't seen it, no worries, I'm going to show it you in a second. It's also up for pre-order and releasing January 9th, 2018. I'll provide the links at the end.

 “Last night, Kal knotted me.” She pushed through, not wanting to stop until she got everything out in the open. “Outside of the full moon and he didn’t know why. I was curious, wondering why.” Why can’t the floor open up and swallow me now? Before Mrs. Martin could respond, the front door opened and a young male shifter, who she had met and seen several times, stepped inside.    

We're still waiting for it to show up at Barnes and Noble. Once it's there, we'll get the links to you!

Enjoy and happy Sunday!

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