Sunday, May 6, 2018

#SixSentenceSunday and an Update

Update first, shall we?

Michele and I would like to announce we have found a new home for our Apache County Shifters and Leaving the Past Behind! Twisted E-Publishing has graciously contracted these two series within our Window Rock Universe! Michele and I are super stoked. But, it also means something else!


Yes, you heard that right.

After every novel in our Apache County Series, you will also be able to pick up a free read! Each on will only be a 15 to 20 min read, but it's something a little extra to give our thanks for being our faithful readers!

Kalkin will be available in June
Twins will be available in July

Caden will be available in September
Teacher will be available shortly after.

When we have more information to pass along, Michele and I will. Until then we're super stoked about our new expedition!

On to what you're here for, my #SixSentenceSunday post featuring CADEN! Enjoy!

Kalkin returned to his chair. “Shoot.”
“I gave Rapier the plans for Dani’s Place.”
“Did you?” Kalkin cocked a brow. “I didn’t hear about a brawl in the sheriff’s department.”

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