Thursday, August 8, 2019

Happy Birthday Caden ~ An Apache County Shifters Short

Caden stalked Danielle to the corner of the bathroom, she had no place to go, but up on the countertop. When his brother told him to pack a bag, he didn't understand. Well, these two, Danielle and Keeley booked them a weekend away for their birthday. The minx was finally healed up from her miscarriage and here she was trying to plan for his birthday. He should be pissed at her, but both of them needed this. They had to heal. As it stood, he'd been too afraid to touch her since it happened. Seeing his mate, crying on the floor of the shower, dark blood flowing towards the drain, diluting it to a shade of light pink, scared the fuck out of him. Then, he smelled it.
The loss of life.
Once more Caden blamed himself. Had he done right by her? Had he never believed the stupid shit Simon told him. Had he just loved himself and her more, all of this shit could have been avoided. Instead... He let the guilt eat at him. At least this time you didn't become a raging alcoholic. No, he hadn't. But, in the long run, did it matter? Because, as far as he could tell, neither one of them had the wherewithal to touch one another. And then she went and did all this for me—us. I have got to make this up to her.
He placed a hand on either side of her to keep her contained and where he wanted her. He leaned down to nuzzle her mating mark, while his right hand moved to palm her sweet ass. A well-placed smack had her gasping. "I don't like surprises. I also miss having your sweet little body wrapped in my embrace." He gave her ass a healthy squeeze. "Just so you know, I plan on fucking you now. Hard. Until I knot you're hot as sin pussy and you're milking the cum from my balls."
Her eyes went wide and she glanced toward the boys' room. "No worries mate, the boys are sound asleep." He tugged her backward, rubbing his groin against her ass. "It's been too long, pumpkin. We're both taking this a day at a time, and I know it hurts, but we both can't heal if we're staying in that awful, awful moment."
Danielle whimpered, gripping the arm he wrapped around her. The scent of her pain drove him insane. The grief was overwhelming. A baby, one they hadn't even realized they'd created, now threatened to tear them apart in death. It was crazy. Yet, like with Nicolas, the baby had been a part of their love for each other. Losing a child after they finally started down the right path was devastating. "I have come to the conclusion; somethings are meant to be and for whatever reason, that wasn't." She sniffled hard and shook in his arms. "I didn't think I'd feel this way still."
Caden shushed her. "You're allowed. Another pup would have been the most exciting news in our life. I love the idea of another child. I know I fucked up with our sons, but I promise you, I won't do it again. I'm here, for better or worse. You can't get rid of me."
She turned around to face him. Red-rimmed eyes were accompanied by tears streaking her cheeks. His mate was so fragile. So loving and giving. He drank that up from her, even if sometimes he didn't think he deserved it. "Get naked." He pulled his shirt off while she stared at him. "Well, don't just stand there."
"Caden...I don't know," she whispered.
"I do," He assured her, kissing her.
It started mild, the same form and fashion as he'd become accustomed to since everything changed, then the darkness hit. There was a desperation to the way her mouth moved over his. The way she groaned stepping up to him, digging her nails into his shoulders while she feasted on his mouth. He took it too and gave back. She was on fire. All of the repressed emotions she'd kept bottled up, tipped over and he was there to lap them up. He groaned her name when her fingers skimmed the fly of his jeans. "Dani..."
She kissed him again, before ripping open the fly of his jeans and going to her knees in front of him. He grunted. "Not what I had in mind, but it works. Suck me off, Dani."
Danielle gave a tentative lick then moaned. Slow and methodical, she drove him to the brink. She licked him from base to tip before swirling around his slit. Over and over she followed the same path, teasing him to the point he thought he'd blow before he got into her sweet little pussy. He dug his fingers into her hair, and she sobbed, causing the scent of her arousal to permeate the air. It left him lightheaded and so fucking turned on he thought he'd combust. Then, her mouth was on him, she took him inch by inch until she swallowed around him, holding him tight for three seconds then pulled back. He growled, curling his lip as he watched her bob her head. The slick length of his dick played peek-a-boo with each thrust.
"I knew this would happen," he muttered, watching her suck his dick. "We needed each other so fucking bad. Touch yourself mate." He opened her legs a bit, exposing the panties she wore under her nightshirt. "Show me how wet you are."
She reached between her legs and slid her fingers into her panties. Danielle moaned around him and the vibrations went straight through his dick. The sight was amazing. He could look away. She worked her clit while dipping her finger into her slit. Her scent grew more enticing by the second, causing his mouth to water. Just as he wanted, a wet spot formed on the front of her panties.
"Enough." Caden lifted her to her feet. "Show me." She gave him her hand and he inhaled. The sweet scent of her pussy wafted from her fingers and he attacked. He licked and cleaned her fingers like a man starved for his mate. He groaned her name while fisting his dick, jerking himself off because he couldn't stand the pressure building in his balls. He let go of her then lowered his hand to her sex. His fingers dipped down, teasing the slit before he pushed his middle finger into her. She was already soaking wet. "Ahhh, fuck. You're soaked."
He snarled as he leaned his forehead against hers. Caden had to take his time with her. Be gentle. If he went in hard, he could do more damage than good. "Stay with me, Dani." He lifted her with ease and carried her back to bed. "No more dancing, pumpkin. No more trying to avoid our feelings because we're hurting. I love you and I need you."
She sobbed as she nodded, threading her fingers through his hair. "I love you too." She hiccupped as she stared up at him. "I thought I was doing the right thing."
"I know," he whispered, pressing kisses to her forehead, cheeks, and lips. "It's my fault too for giving you too much room. I realize I keep fucking this up, but I promise, not again. I'm right here for you. We'll do this together."
"Together," she agreed.
He tore off the rest of his clothes then joined her on the bed. He pulled off her shirt, and some visceral part of him decided to keep her panties on. As he slid down the bed, the rough material of the bedspread, rubbing against his hard length, he muttered a curse. His senses were on overload. He was primed and ready to blow. For six long months they'd avoided the full moon and now was his shot. He wasn't going to waste it. He would show her, no matter what, he would be the mate she needed and the mate she deserved.
Caden pushed her panties aside and ran his tongue through her slit. The musky scent of hot pussy infused itself on his sense and he buried his face there, taking his time to lick and suck up every bit of her cream. He was starved for her. He'd craved being able to crawl between her legs and take his fill before pushing his dick deep inside her. Caden took his time, he paid special attention to her clit and her nipples, stimulating her until she took over, rubbing her pussy over his face. Fuck, he loved it. He gripped her ass and held on while she got off on him. And, when she came, fuck, he let her come drip into his mouth until he couldn't wait any longer.
"Slow and steady." He went to his knees and positioned his dick at her entrance. "Ready?"
Danielle nodded.
Her cheeks were pink as was her chest. Her nipples were stiff peaks, teasing him. Caden pushed forward, spearing through the slick folds of her sex. A low groan rumbled in his chest as she sucked him into her waiting passage. She rippled and flexed around him and he thought he saw stars. "Just like I remember. So fucking hot. So perfect." He retreated then pushed into her hard and deep. She cried out, arching to him. Her pussy snatched at him, clamping down so hard, he thought he'd pass out from the pleasure. He teased her clit and by the third circle, he made she was coming in firm, tingling pulls. He reveled in it, gave over to the sensations, figuring if he came right then and there, he'd still fuck her once the knot went down.
"Shh, easy pumpkin. Remember the boys are sleeping." He leaned up and kissed her, muttering a curse when he slipped deeper into her warm sex.
"It's too much," she whispered. "I can't stop." She rolled her hips, taking control.
"Don't stop, Dani. Fuck. Don't stop," he grunted, enjoying the slight movements on his dick as she wriggled her hips. Her pussy was still as sweet to him as it was the first time he took her. "It's going to be fast and furious. If you think you're going scream, cover your mouth."
She nodded, pressing her knuckle to her lips. Her eyes were blown, dazed by lust and arousal. Her lips were clamped shut, but the pink on her cheeks turned a dark crimson from arousal. "Caden..."
He sat back and grabbed her hips, setting a grueling pace. Her slick, wet heat gripped him, growing wetter by the moment. "Fuck, Mate. You feel so damn good wrapped around my dick." He growled as he placed his hand between them and sought out her clit. He rolled it and milked it as he powered in and out of her pussy.
Everything inside of her tightened, it made driving into her difficult. It as if she didn't want him to pull out and who was he to object. Already the knot at the base of his dick twitched. He missed this. Missed the connection with her. Missed being able to watch her come apart in his arms. He missed holding her and loving her. He missed the small sounds she made when she was close to climaxing and most of all he missed holding her in his arms.
He kept at her clit. "Not yet, Dani. You can hold on a bit more. Fuck, I can't wait to knot you. Can't wait to try again. This time I know it'll work." It hurt so bad, but so good at the same time.
"Please..." she whimpered. "Too much, need to cum."
He chuckled in her ear. "Hold it. Let it burn through you. Let it wash away all the bad. You can do this for me, pumpkin, I know it."
She sobbed as tears slipped free from the corners of her eyes. They were both hurting, both afraid of what might happen. If he was smart, he'd pull out before he knotted her and jerk off on her, but he couldn't do it. He wanted to be inside her to show her, they were stronger now than they'd ever been. "Please, mate. Together. Please."
Caden strummed her clit as he leaned down to nuzzle their mating mark. "Get there, pumpkin. Fucking get there." He felt the knot twitch and begin to fill. "Now, Dani. Do it. Come on my dick." He latched onto her nipple and sucked at the peak, while slammed into her. "Give it to me, mate. Coat my dick."
Her head fell back, and a soft cry fell from her lips. "Caden!"
He felt her release. Her pussy flexed around his dick, holding him in a fucking death grip. "I hope you got a shower this morning because you aren't washing my cum off or out of you," he grunted as the knot expanded in her pussy, making her even tighter. "And your sweet cream is going to stay on my dick too." She shuddered. Her release coated his dick and drip down to his balls. "That's my girl." The knot fully engaged and he spilled deep inside her. Caden bit down harder than normal on her mark and he felt her go completely limp. A soft sigh passed her lips and he had her full surrender. "Don't get too comfortable. When the knot goes down, I'm taking you again. Now that I've gotten a taste of you, I'm not ever letting you go."
Danielle panted, holding onto him for dear life as they came down from their releases. "Oh my God."
Caden chuckled which shot off mini orgasmic waves for both of them. "I love you mate." He nuzzled her neck. "Thank you for this trip. We both needed it."
She looked up at him. "I love you too. I'm so sorry I let you down."
He frowned. "You didn't let me down, pumpkin. I'll show you." He kissed her again. "Until then, let's enjoy the last few hours of my birthday. Tomorrow, I have to go back to work."
Danielle laughed. "As you wish, birthday boy."
He grinned. "Now you're getting it."
Though the knot hadn't fully gone down yet, he began to move. This time, something inside him shifted. This time, it would work. He knew it deep down. He rolled them so Danielle was on top. Staring up at her, determination filled his belly. Yes, he'd show her and prove those doctors wrong. Danielle wasn't broken on the inside. She'd carry his pup to term. He'd give her the daughter she always wanted. No matter what.

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